BECOME A NOTARY PUBLIC ! We secure your $10,000 Bond and include $10,000 Notary errors & omissions at no additional cost.


  1. Complete Washington State public notary application. Download WA State Notary Application.
  2. Email or fax copy application to Maintain original application as you will need to submit with your bond to the State of Washington.
  3. Upon receipt of your application, we will email you with instructions for payment and issuance of your bond and insurance.

Competitive rates.

*All Notary Bonds are packaged to include $10,000 Notary Error and Omissions Insurance policy.  Higher limits available for a minimal additional premium.

Errors & Omissions coverage protects you against lawsuits that could result from an error you make as a Notary.


Public Notary Bond Errors & Omissions Liability 4 Year Premium
$10,000 Bond plus $10,000 errors & omissions $50.00
$10,000 Bond plus $15,000 errors & omissions $60.00
$10,000 Bond plus $20,000 errors & omissions $70.00
$10,000 Bond plus $30,000 errors & omissions $80.00


Contact Information

Phone/Fax  206 328-1806


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